Customer Experience Management Datasheets


Explore our datasheets! They cover topics from how we work, to the value of a Trusted Advisor, to a sample Relationship Assessment Report.

Discover Customer Experience Management Tool
Discover salesEQUITY

With nearly two decades helping companies improve their business relationships, salesEQUITY offers a SaaS-based customer experience management tool that uses a proven quantitative methodology to collect, analyze, manage and distribute client feedback data.

Customer Experience Management Assessments
Client Relationship Assessments

Our patented Client Relationship Assessment technology captures client feedback and accurately measures engagement while assessing how behavior impacts a relationship’s health. This process helps you identify at-risk relationships and growth opportunities with immediate, actionable solutions.

Moments of Truth Datasheet
Moments of Truth

Our Moments of Truth (MOT) feature gives your business and team instant control over what, when, and how you establish important client touchpoints. Giving you powerful insights and perspective into business activities and account trends that impact your bottom line.

Mind The Gap How Well Do You Know Your Customers
Mind the Gap: How Well Do You Know Your Clients?

How well do you know your high-value customers? Chances are, you think the relationship is going well and that your client would say the same.

Customer Experience Management Expected Outcomes
Your Expected Results

The who, how, why, and what of your expected customer outcomes.

Trusted Advisor Action Plan
Trusted Advisor Action Plans

Start planning, executing, and tracking your customer experience with a Trusted Advisor Action Plan.

Impact of customer experience on your revenue
The Impact of Client Perception on Your Revenue

salesEQUITY issued surveys to B2B account managers and their clients using our Customer Experience Management tool. Based on customer feedback from 8 questions about loyalty, our platform captured the health of each relationship and gave clients a SEQ score. Learn more.

Value of Trusted Advisors
The Value of Trusted Advisors

At salesEQUITY, we built our Customer Experience Management tool on quantifying the value of creating Trusted Advisor relationships with our clients. Explore more.

Customer Experience Sample Assessment Report
Sample Relationship Assessment Report

Our Relationship Assessment Report provides you with personalized customer feedback, access to your contact’s responses, and coaching to improve the overall customer experience. View our sample report today!

Client Engagement Infographic

Download our Client Engagement Infographic and better understand the who, what, where, when and why of measuring and ensuring customer success.

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