A Smarter Approach to Measuring
The Customer Experience

We offer scalable software to monitor all aspects of the customer journey impacting the perception of your
brand, product, and people.

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Compliant or Committed? How to Make the Most of Your ISO 9001 Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Don’t just check the box on your customer satisfaction survey requirements, make the most of your feedback data! Download this webinar replay to better understand how to make your customer interactions meaningful to your business and theirs!

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salesEQUITY provides a single source to view different data points to measure how your clients feel about your company, product, and people. Our technology identifies trends in data and measures them against industry benchmarks to determine if action is needed. Problems identified are routed to the desktop or mobile device of the team or person who can solve them.

Client Engagement Platform

We Are the #1 CX Management tool focused on B2B

Our platform services businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. We help everyone, regardless of role and organization, understand how to improve and grow their business.

Customer Relationship Surveys

Our patented customer relationship tool turns client feedback into actionable data and insights that highlight issues impacting customer health and growth.


Data Streams

Our Open API and easy integrations with cloud bases systems allow you to grab key data points and benchmark

Automated Survey Building

Our automated survey builder gives your organization complete control over how to establish personalized touch points to gauge success.

Action Planning

Use our action planning tools to turn relationship insights into solutions that work.

Analytics and Reporting

Use our analytics and reporting to discover the insights that will have the greatest impact on your relationships.

Client Success Management

By leveraging our training, consulting, analytics, and management services we’ll ensure your business goals align with our solutions.

Discover How We Fuel Success

Our Customer Experience Management tools provide real-time insights into what’s impacting the overall health of your customer relationships and highlights areas for improvement.

Every client is measured and assessed through our patented modeling technology; which determines their level of experience.

Because breaking down data is vital to understanding your client’s experience and what’s impacting the overall health of the relationship, it drives a more informed conversation. The more data the more accurately we can predict and protect your customer base.

Powerful and Personalized Solutions

Single Dashboard

Put your customer experience data into one secure customer health dashboard and allow visibility to those who need it.

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Retain More Business

Identify future churn and use our action planning solutions to turn your at-risk clients into your best customers.

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Create Happier Clients

Turn client relationships into reliable and lasting ones that increase your share of wallet.

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Customer Experience Success

Barrett Distribution Centers Logo

“We needed more insight,” according to Tim Barrett, and insight is what he got. After using salesEQUITY, the company learned that several clients were frustrated with issues related to poor communication. One customer needed help with handling product returns and creating an electronic ordering system.

“We found out where we really stood with a customer,” Tim says, “and what they wanted us to change.” After using salesEQUITY for one year, Barrett achieved a 50% revenue increase and built a foundation for satisfying customers that would lead to gains year after year.


Learn How salesEQUITY Helps Drive Informed Conversations


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Overview – Client Engagement Platform

Discover how salesEQUITY works and the success we’ve had across numerous B2B industries, and the benefits of creating Trusted Advisors.

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