VIDEO: 1 Minute and 25 Second Overview

Have 1 minute and 25 seconds to spare? Check out our overview video and learn more about the benefits of measuring your client engagement.

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VIDEO: Customer Success Solution Video

Check out our solution video and better understand how our platform, designed with B2B organizations in mind, supports customer success initiatives across multiple lines of business.

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B2B trusted advisor

VIDEO: Meet Tom

Tom is your average salesperson in a competitive world trying to get a meeting with one of his customers to no avail.

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trusted advisors

VIDEO: Do You Matter?

Do you matter to your customers? Are you a trusted advisor? How do they view you, as another vendor?

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sales coaching

VIDEO: Becoming A Value Creator

Learn how vendors become value creators and trusted advisors with this video from salesEQUITY.

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Trusted Advisor

VIDEO: How Creating Trusted Advisors Will Evolve Your Customer Relationships

In business, sometimes the only way to differentiate yourself is through your people. Turning your salespeople or account managers into trusted advisors that grow and retain customer relationships is your only solution. Take a moment to learn how salesEQUITY, a customer experience platform, is building customer success stories that thrive on customer loyalty to grow sales revenue.

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Brand Equity or Sales Equity: Which Do You Need?

Learn how a strong combination of both brand equity and sales equity can increase retention and improve customer engagement.


The Journey to Wow. A How-To Guide to Mapping your Customer Engagement

Learn why mapping your customer’s journey can positively impact perceptions, improve customer engagement and how to leverage your buyers personas so they work for you.

Customer Satisfaction Is Dead – Learn Why Customer Engagement is Key to Sustainable Growth

Learn why customer engagement is key to improving retention and unlocking greater sales revenues.

Uncover 33% Growth with Your Customer Base

Learn how to unlock the potential of your client relationships.

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