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Increasing Client Engagement On A 1:1 Basis

salesEQUITY offers client engagement solutions that turn B2B salespeople into their clients Trusted Advisors on a 1:1 basis. How? Well, our research; which contains over 1 million industry data points, has proven Trusted Advisors build far superior client relationships than any other type of B2B salesperson out there. We understand that the key to unlocking greater sales revenues, client engagement, and customer retention comes from building a better client experience, which is why we built our platform.

The Benefits of Our Client Engagement Platform

B2B Sales Revenue

Revenue Growth

Create revenue growth by building better client relationships and understand who is at risk, or better yet, who is in a position to upsell.

Building Customer Retention

Churn Reduction

Lower your customer churn rates and pricing pressures by increasing the longevity of your relationships and building Life Time Value.

Upselling And Cross-Selling

Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities

Find additional opportunities to increase your share of wallet by improving how your salespeople manage their relationships.

Customer Reference

Customer Reference

Use powerful customer references to drive marketing campaigns that generate awareness, increase leads, and reduce costs.

Our Client Engagement Platform Features

salesEQUITY is an easy-to-use platform that comes with all the features you’ll need to completely assess your client relationships and build more personal partnerships on a 1:1 basis. Through our data analytics, learn how to turn customer feedback into measurable actions that generate greater sales revenues, and boost client engagement through retention.


Our unique methodology utilizes over 1 million industry data points to generate client engagement scores that are relevant and unique per contact.

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Client Relationships Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

Our platform measures client and seller perception and provides a gap analysis. These make users aware of blind spots in the relationship.

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Client Relationship Analytics

Relationship Analytics

Our data-driven SEQ and RISQ scores identify which client accounts are at risk of churning and which offer up-sell opportunities.

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Sales Coaching


Our client engagement database offers unlimited access to tailored insights, based on an account’s client relationship needs.

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