capture customer feedback

The Magic Behind Measuring the
Customer Experience

salesEQUITY offers a customer experience management tool designed to make capturing feedback and customer-insight data quick and easy. We provide a solution that gathers data and converts it into actionable solutions – all in real time. These insights define success based on 6 dimensions responsible for better understanding your customers.

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Customer Feedback Tells A True Story

How To Measure Your Customer Relationships

The visual above demonstrates an example of a salesperson who thinks their customer relationship is “fine”, but in reality, their client is telling them a different story. This seller is not a Trusted Advisor and finding client satisfaction or growth opportunities in this Transactional Relationship will be hard to come by. Thankfully, our platform helps you get back on track using internal and external benchmarks and leveraging our industry-proven coaching tactics.

How Our Platform Works


Accounts and their contacts are entered into our platform, along with the account’s value to you. From here, you schedule surveys by email; which do more than measure customer satisfaction scores, they also allow you to measure your client’s motivation and this plays a vital role in creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


Once you’ve deployed your surveys, you’ll then take a self-assessment of each customer being measured. All client responses are analyzed and given a score that measures each response. All self-assessments are then measured and given a separate score which determines client perception gaps while identifying accounts most at-risk for churn.


You’ll receive a notification whenever a contact completes an assessment, and once you’ve completed your self-assessment you’ll have full access to that contact’s survey responses. You’ll receive personal customer feedback, access to your contact’s responses measured against yours, and coaching to improve relationships that require better engagement.