Case Studies
Financial Services Case Study

Global Financial Services Company Breaks out of the Pack with salesEQUITY

salesEQUITY client engagement platform improves sales process, drives behavior change and increases client retention to 96%.

National Distribution Center Case Study

National Distribution Center Exceeds Projections with 75% Growth in First Year

salesEQUITY’s client engagement platform
improves sales process, increases client
retention rates and cross-sell opportunities,
and grows revenue after first year.

Health Education Case Study

Health Education Company Increases Loyalty By 40%

Outside the Classrooms is a private, venture-backed SaaS company on a mission to make an impact on consequences associated with health issues.

Technology Sector Case Study

Tech Company Boosts Revenue By $500,000 In One-Year

salesEQUITY was approached by a technology company to maximize account value through greater retention and share of wallet.

What Buyers and Sellers Actually Think

salesEQUITY was able to issue surveys to sellers and their buyers. Sellers were asked to provide an estimation of how their buyers would respond to each engagement-based question.

The Impact of Client Perception on Your Revenue

salesEQUITY issued surveys to B2B account managers and their clients using our Client Engagement Platform. Based on client feedback from 8 questions about loyalty, our platform captured the health of each relationship and gave clients an SEQ Score.

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